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How Will Regular Maintenance Treatments Help My Skin?

After correcting major skin concerns like Blemishes, Acne Scarring, Sun-Damage, Wrinkles, Rosacea and Veins with Herbal Peels or Laser Rejuvenation, regular maintenance treatments can…

  • Help the skin retain the level you have achieved
  • Help the skin maintain optimal hydration
  • Help reduce free radicals and free radical damage
  • Help the skin retain its clear, fresh & youthful appearance
  • Help the skin detox with lymphatic drainage at a cellular level
  • Help avoid and minimise breakouts
  • Help the skin avoid congestion and blackheads
  • Help the skin regulate pigmentation and age spots

Combination Treatments Discounts Available – speak to our therapist for great savings and best combinations for your skin needs.

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Hollywood Treatment

The Hollywood improves uneven skin textures for immediately smoother skin. The Micro-dermabrasion gently exfoliates to refresh dull and lifeless skin and helps clear congested pores and blackheads. A great pick-me-up! Fine micro-dermabrasion crystals are gently applied to remove the dead and damaged skin cells and congested material. Next 8 intense vitamins are applied deep into the cellular level, delivering super anti-oxidants together with active pigmentation regulators to help slowdown overly active melanin. With a mini Facial and ending with a Mask suitable for your skin type then nourishes the skin prior to final Hydration.

Natural Enzyme Peel

The Natural Enzyme Peel helps soften, de congest and assist the healing of blemishes, spots and pimples. The Peel is followed by individual extractions where needed. Whilst assisting the skin’s healing abilities the Natural Enzymes help reduce inflammation, swelling and soreness. Can be combined with Hollywood Treatment.

Photo Rejuvenation

When applied to the skin the light energy is converted to cell energy. The light is absorbed by the cells and is dispersed evenly to stimulate collagen, increase fibroblast activity and rejuvenate cellular production.  Helps to accelerate the deep healing and rejuvenation of the skin including burns, dermatitis and acne. A course of Photo Light treatment is recommended.